Vehicular Manslaughter

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Penalties for Vehicular Manslaughter

In Colorado, prosecutors are aggressive in pursuing these cases. You may be facing a Class 4 or a Class 3 Felony, depending on whether drugs or alcohol were involved in the accident. If the court finds extraordinary aggravating circumstances, the penalties can double in severity.

In a case this serious, you need a Denver vehicular manslaughter attorney who can help you carry the burden. The person killed may have been a friend or relative, and the emotions can be heavy. At the same time, you need a vigorous defense to protect your freedom and your financial future. Choose Trial Lawyers & Legal Services of Colorado, LLC for your vehicular manslaughter case. We have over 30 years of combined experience and we dedicate ourselves to protecting the rights of the accused.

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What is the Average Sentence for Vehicular Manslaughter in Colorado?

Sometimes very unfortunate things happen and a person’s death due to a vehicle accident is one of the worse. If you were deemed responsible for the accident, you may be facing a vehicular manslaughter charge.

The consequences of a vehicular manslaughter conviction vary depending on the level of the charge:

  • For a Misdemeanor, where alcohol or drugs were not involved, the penalties are 1 year in jail maximum or a fine.
  • For a Class 4 Felony, where alcohol or drugs were not involved, the penalties are between 2 and 6 years in prison along with fines.
  • For a Class 3 Felony, where alcohol or drug impairment were involved, you can face 4 to 12 years in prison along with larger fines.
  • If the judge finds extraordinary aggravating circumstances in either level, the penalties could double.

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