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At Trial Lawyers & Legal Services of Colorado, LLC we have years of experience defending people against charges for violent crimes such as aggravated assault offenses. We understand that every client has a different story to tell. You can expect us to provide you with a thorough criminal defense strategy that addresses the unique circumstances of your case that is free of prejudice or bias regarding the allegations against you.

We are dedicated to defending your Constitutional due process rights throughout each stage of the criminal proceedings, from your arraignment to closing arguments at the end of trial. We take our ethical duty to represent your best interests with the utmost respect for our laws.

Sapientia potentia est

Under Colorado’s criminal statutes, aggravated assault involves a qualifying circumstance that makes an assault particularly harmful. An aggravated assault offense can result from using exceptionally dangerous or harmful means to commit the offense, directing an assault towards a specific class of person, or committing the offense with a specific level of criminal intent.

Examples of aggravated assault offenses include:

  • Assault with a deadly weapon (even your hands);
  • Assault causing permanent disfigurement;
  • Assault against a police officer, judge or officer of the court;
  • Aggravated sexual assault; and
  • Vehicular assault causing serious bodily injury.

Like other violent offenses, aggravated assault crimes carry with them the substantial likelihood of uprooting your life. In addition to lengthy prison terms and steep criminal fines, a successful conviction of an aggravated assault crime can cause lasting collateral damage to your life, such as difficulty finding gainful employment, renting property, and applying for loans.

At Trial Lawyers & Legal Services of Colorado, LLC, we are dedicated to providing criminal defendants with effective legal representation in a variety of criminal matters, including aggravated assault crimes. Backed by almost 30 years of invaluable criminal defense experience, our clients can count on us to vigorously defend their Constitutional right to a fair jury trial, and so can you.

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