Colorado Criminal Laws

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Lex Colorado tam civilis quam criminalis

Colorado has a wide range of laws and regulations that cover many different areas, including criminal law, civil law, family law, and labor law, among others.

Some of the major Colorado state statues include:

  • The Colorado Criminal Code, which defines criminal offenses and penalties in the state.
  • The Colorado Revised Statutes, which is the compilation of all state laws and regulations.
  • The Colorado Constitution, which lays out the basic framework of the state’s government and its relationship with the federal government.
  • The Colorado Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations based on certain protected characteristics.
  • The Colorado Consumer Protection Act, which provides protections for consumers in the state.
  • The Colorado Minimum Wage Order, which sets the minimum wage for employees in the state.
  • The Colorado Open Records Act, which guarantees the public’s right to access government records.
  • The Colorado Open Meetings Law, which guarantees the public’s right to attend and observe government meetings.

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